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Frequently Asked Questions

What is HackJaipur?

HackJaipur is a community-focused virtual Hackathon, designed especially for the needs of the communities, with problem statements centered around the community itself. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, here is the perfect chance to hone and show your skills and witness the competitive yet inclusive developer community around you!

In light of the CoronaVirus outbreak, your safety and well-being are our primary concerns. Hence, all the activities related to HackJaipur like workshops, talks, and presentations will also be conducted online/virtually.

Why HackJaipur?

Jaipur has been always the mother of traditional communities even before the civilizations started.

HackJaipur follows the same culture and seeks for different solutions to various issues the tradition face from time to time. HackJaipur represents the cultural integrity and bond of our tradition.

We didn't start HackJaipur to simply conduct a Hackathon but to make people aware of our community's issues and solutions that exist currently.

How much does it cost?

HackJaipur is absolutely free to attend! You can participate for free via. the Devfolio link above.

What are the tracks for HackJaipur?

We don’t wanna limit you by providing some problem statements and research about them first. That’s why we have some tracks:

  1. Diversity Diversity means the inclusion of all individuals as technology does not discriminate. How can technology help to increase diversity and maintain it?
  2. Remotely Working As work from home is becoming is a widespread culture, technology can make the process easier. Any project that makes such an effort will fall into this category.
  3. Tech and Health Technology can create sustainable and effective relations between a healthcare professional and the patient. It can also provide a cheaper, faster, and more beneficial solutions to prevent and battle illnesses.
  4. Creating Awareness With the increase in the use of technology, the dangers have also increased. Awareness is the first step towards creating a better society and community. Awareness can be social, technical, or general.

Can students Attend?

Yes, this is a student-held hackathon only. We would love to have your participation.

What if I don't know how to code?

That is not a problem! A great way to learn how to code is by attending a hackathon. It's an event for like-minded people to share what they are interested in and teach each-other what they are passionate about, whether its coding, electronics or anything else you want to know about. You never know what new skill you might pick up! You can also ask specific questions to our mentors and in the Discord server, where people are there to help. Plus we have planned numerous workshops and talks for you guys to make the learning process better.

Code of Conduct

We will be following the Hack Code of Conduct, which can be found here.

Why is HackJaipur for you or why should you participate in it?

  • HackJaipur is an Online Hackathon, which means it provides you the opportunity to participate directly from your Home, no fuss of going here and there.
  • Ample Goodies and Swags for every participant.
  • Prizes worth 60,000 INR.
  • You will learn how to work remotely and handle multiple things. Perhaps, a golden opportunity to connect with like-minded participants.
  • Get Microsoft Azure Passes which can be redeemed to earn Azure Credits.

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Meet the Speakers

If you are interested in mentoring for the hackathon apply here.

Jason Etcovitch

Engineer at GitHub

Vrijraj Singh

Google Developer Expert for Web

Madhav Bahl

2x Intern at Microsoft

Prem Kumar

Implementation Engineer at GitHub

Juan Pablo Flores

Program Manager at GitHub Education

Vedant Bahel


Aditya Oberai

Community Intern at Progate

Subham Ray

Gold Microsoft Student Partner

Chirag Nayyar

Technical Sales Manager at Cloud Kinetics

Saumya Singh

Developer Advocate at

Akash Hadagali

GitHub Campus Expert

Anjali Sharma

Google TSWE Scholar

Saptarshi Prakash

Product Design Manager at Swiggy

Varsha Jaiswal

Co Organizer at GDG Jalandhar

Abhinav Shrivastava

Founder at Firebase Communities Group

Mritunjay Sharma

GSoC'20 Student Developer at RTEMS

Shivay Lamba

Head of Product at Metvy

Aman Sanduja

CoFounder at

Sahil Sen

Developer Evangelist at QuikNode

Ben Dechrai

Developer Advocate at Auth0


Event Partners

Community Partners

Meet the team

Without a team of dedicated volunteers this hackathon simply would not happen. Here's your chance to meet the awesome people who are behind HackJaipur.

Mayank Goyal

Lead Organizer

Rishabh Bansal

Co Organizer

Sumedha Shrivastava

Coordinator/ Technical Team

Shubhangi Gupta

Technical Team

Yash Sharma

Community Team

Saksham Taneja

Community Team

Moulik Agrawal

Partnership Lead


Graphic Designer


Graphic Designer

Sagar Vakkala


Sparsh Gupta

Major League Hacking 2020 Hackathon Season